Press for The Blues Accordin' To Lightnin' Hopkins
31st January 2012

"Absolutely essential for anyone even remotely interested in the blues and the lives that spawned it" - Record Collector 4/5

"A feeling of intimacy and revelation no conventional narrative could ever manage" - Time Out 4/5

"Blank's is documentary filmmaking in the most naturalistic sense possible" - UNCUT 4/5

"a substantial artistic statement" - 4/5 MOJO

Press on Women and Children
12th of July 2006

OK Fred Magazine-"beautifully crafted"

Uncut-4 Stars-"strangely beautiful"

Boomkat-No.1 Album 2005-"a remarkable album from a remarkable band,a huge gushing recommendation"

Dusted-"a level of decadence usually reserved for Revenant retrospectives of dead bluesmen, but it likewise fits the band’s stately brand of prim and polished dream-pop."

Press on Jeffrey Lewis
6th of June 2005

Everett True-‘this is so beautiful I almost daren’t touch it’

Uncut-4 Stars-‘A bona fide collectors piece’

Time Out-‘This special release should be cherished with the wamth with which it’s presented’

Dazed and Confused-‘A limited edition release that’s external beauty is matched only by the music within’

Mojo-4 Stars-‘there’s plenty to beguile the eye while the gentle aural lunacy unfolds’

John Peel-‘Highly desirable’